The outer skin rooms are wrapped in a tensile fabric that allow the entire building to breathe. Each guest can operate their own “skin” electronically, opening and closing it according to their needs. Completely private, this outrules the necessity of either curtains or blinds. This “living” skin also reduces heat gain during hot African summers and wards off cold air in winter, while acting as a “greenhouse” for each room’s vertical garden. Situated in the timber-decked terraces, the gardens are designed to provide oxygen, passive cooling, and humidification for the entire structure.

Green spaces located between adjoining rooms gives guests the sense that they are in a corner room with two glass sides, and cylindrical showers jutting out into the garden provide a private outdoor shower experience. These rooms are also aerated  through the adjacent, perforated floors.

The cube rooms comprise an entirely different environment better suited to high-tech artists, designers and other tech-savvy professionals. Here three 3x3x3 meter cubes are chained together to create a bedroom, full bathroom and an office. When the guest inserts their card, the room lights up. When they exit, the entire room – like a giant computer – shuts down, thereby reducing energy consumption. These rooms are also soundproof.

Although not every guest is required to participate with what is happening in the ampitheatre, booking one of the 20 box rooms that teeter over its edge is certainly an option.

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